High Quality Custom Drapes

At Own The Look, we have a passion for creating the highest quality products. When creating our custom drapes, we use only the very best fabrics. We can design custom drapes for any space, big or small, with your budget in mind!

Staging and Design

At Own The Look we believe that your home is your castle, and you should enjoy it.  We work with all types of spaces, including new homes, pre-existing homes, condos, and office spaces. Why should you consider Staging & Design?

– To help sell the home!!
Whether you are a home owner getting ready to sell, or a Realtor looking to create a beautiful presentation for potential buyers, our service is guaranteed to increase the appeal and potential quick sell of your home.

– To liven up or de-clutter your space!!
Tired of a dull living room,  a cold bathroom, or maybe the kitchen needs a facelift? We give you the opportunity to make your living room inviting and warm, give your bathroom that spa-like feel, and make your kitchen  sparkling clean and uncluttered.

A great gift!!
Give the gift of a home makeover! We do all types of rooms, so get that special friend or family member some much needed peace of mind by utilizing our Staging & Design service.


Cleaning/De-Cluttering Services

Has your spring cleaning or renovation project gotten to be a little too much? Are you trying to sell your home, but need a professional to help you do some deep cleaning? Own The Look is here to help. We specialize in cleaning homes, apartments, and small offices.

Contact Us

Want to know how to get started owning your new look? Send us a quick email and we'll get back to you, asap.

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